A left-wing advocacy group organizing the opposition to Ohio Issue 1 received the vast majority of its funding from out-of-state, including $4 million from California.

Learn how national liberal political activists have set their sights on defeating one of Ohio’s most important ballot initiatives in decades.

One Person One Vote rally in Washington, D.C.

Out-of-state influence and big money: behind Ohio Issue 1’s opposition funding

One Person One Vote, the main group opposing Issue 1 in Ohio, raised 84% of its funds from outside Ohio, with $4 million coming from California. Issue 1 is a proposed constitutional amendment aiming to strengthen Ohio’s constitution and diminish the influence of outside groups in amending it.

The amount donated to the group from in-state totaled only $2.3 million.The remaining amount, approximately $12.4 million was raised out-of-state. . . . nearly 30%, or roughly $4 million, of the group’s funds came from donors in California. 

Source: Buckeye Reporter 7/28/23

Ohio voters go to the polls on August 8.

Opposition to Ohio Issue 1 – key questions

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Who is the main group opposing Issue 1?

The group is called “One Person One Vote”.

Issue 1 is an Ohio ballot initiative. Did most of the money raised come from inside Ohio?

Sadly, no. 

Only 16% of the funds raised by One Person One Vote came from inside Ohio, while the remaining funding (84%) came from outside the state.

Where did most of the out-of-state money come from?

At least $4 million came from donors in California.

Why are they raising money from California? This is an Ohio Issue.

We agree! Opposition to Issue 1 is being carried out by national liberal activist groups. They know that Ohio voters support Issue 1, so they will do anything to defeat it. 

How much have they raised and spent?

The group, One Person One Vote, has raised $14.8 million and spent $10.4 million opposing Issue 1.


Report: 84% of funds raised by Issue 1 opponent came from outside of Ohio”. Buckeye Reporter. July 28, 2023.

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