There is an upcoming ballot initiative that has the potential to shape Ohio’s legislative landscape.

The Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment proposes a significant change to the state’s constitution.

This is an important issue – read on to find out why.

Why is this important?

Well, if Issue 1 succeeds, then ballot initiatives seeking to amend the Ohio Constitution would require a higher threshold of approval to pass.

Currently, a simple majority vote (50% plus one) is needed for a change to the state constitution. However, this proposed amendment suggests raising the bar to a 60% approval requirement.

This means that future constitutional amendments will need broader consensus to be enacted.

When do we vote on this?

Issue 1 will appear on the ballot on the August 8, 2023 Ohio election.

As the election draws nearer, we should take the time to contemplate the future of Ohio. This amendment, if approved, would bring a significant shift to our legislative landscape. It is essential for us to stay informed and involved in this decision. Regardless of where you stand on this change, remember that every vote counts. It is imperative to vote for your voice to be heard.

What are reasons to vote yes?

Join us as we delve into the Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment, exploring its potential impact and the importance of participating in this vote. Let’s engage in the democratic process and shape the future of our state together.

At present, a ballot initiative requires a simple majority, 50% + 1 vote, for a change to our Constitution. However, this new proposed amendment suggests raising this bar. Should the Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment get the green light from voters this fall, future constitutional amendments will be required to have 60% approval to be enacted.

A 60% vote requirement may sound negligible since it’s just a 10% increase from what currently exists. However, this extra 10% could make the process of amending Ohio’s Constitution more challenging and ultimately, more democratic. The aim is to ensure that any substantial changes to our Constitution receive ample and broad approval, reflecting a broader consensus.

Final thoughts

As we move closer to the ballot date this August, it’s essential to ruminate over what this change could mean for the future of Ohio. Increased voting requirements to amend the Constitution might be a step towards reinforcing the democratic nature of our legislative changes.

If approved, this amendment would bring a significant shift to Ohio’s legislative landscape. Now is the time to stay informed and involved. Whether you’re for or against this change, it’s imperative to vote for your voice to be heard. Remember – every vote counts.

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