How the amendment protects your rights

Today, we want to discuss the Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment, an important measure that will protect the integrity of our Ohio state constitution.

By passing this into law, we’ll make sure petition-based amendments get the support and scrutiny they deserve.

Let’s take a look at why this amendment is essential for the future of Ohio.

The need for a higher vote threshold

Currently, Ohio allows state constitutional amendments based on petitions to pass with a simple majority popular vote.

The relative ease of passage of important changes to the state constitution can lead to hasty decisions that can have long-lasting effects.

Raising the voting threshold to 60% will ensure that any proposed constitutional change gets broader support and consensus.


Higher voting thresholds can reduce the likelihood of amendments being added to the constitution based on narrow interests or temporary popular sentiments.

As a result, amendment proposals will be thoroughly evaluated and their potential impact on our state carefully evaluated, allowing for a more rigorous and thoughtful process.

The Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment is not about slowing down change; it is about safeguarding the democratic process and protecting the long-term interests of our state.

It promotes responsible decision-making while preserving the ability of Ohio voters to petition for amendments.

Our constitution is the cornerstone of our state’s governance, and it deserves our utmost respect and protection.

Why this is important

The Ohio Constitution Protection Amendment is a vital step towards ensuring that only the most significant and well-supported changes make their way into our constitution.

We believe that by raising the voting threshold to 60%, we are creating a stronger and more resilient future for Ohio.

Together, let’s protect our constitution and secure a better tomorrow for all Ohioans.

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